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Tsunami Restoration Back Underway

Tsunami Restoration Back Underway

Duane and John working on Tsunami

As the 2014 air show season begins, we are pleased to announce that the restoration of Tsunami has also begun. After lying stagnant over the past year for financial reasons we are now ready to push forward with the project and we could use your help!

When we first started the project in 2010 we were able to borrow a small space in Kruse Aviation’s shop, however now that the aircraft has begun to come together, we have exceeded the boundaries of that space and we are in the process of finding a new building to house the project. Acquiring our own shop is a huge step forward for the project, but it also has its set backs. While working at Kruse Aviation we were able to borrow their tools along with anything else we needed. Now that we are on our own, we also need to get our own tools. And thats where we could use your help. If you or anyone you know have tools you are willing to part with please let us know. We have also provided a link below to our GiveMN page where you can donate funds to help support the project.

Donate: Give MN
Here is a list of tools and materials we could use
Sheet Metal Shear $1000
Sheet Metal Brake $1000
Band Saw $500
Drill Press $500
Air Compressor $2500
Air Hoses $150
Hand Drills $300
Drill Bits $120
Counter sink $120
Dye Grinder $150
Rivet Gun $600
Bucking Bars $200
Measuring Devices $150
Clecos $150
Cleco Pliers $12
Forming Hammers $100
Clamps $150
Hand seamer $60

Sheet Metal 4 4×12 sheets .032 2024 T3 $680
Rivets $100