In an attempt to inspire, engage and educate the next generation of aviators and technology leaders, The Tsunami Project takes on a bold challenge to reconstruct the fastest purpose-built racing aircraft ever built, and attempt to make her go even faster.


The project has three main objectives.

  • Inspire the next generation to get involved in STEM+A (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and aviation)
  • Rebuild Tsunami and share her story with the world.
  • Set the absolute 3-km world speed record for propeller-driven piston-powered aircraft. (current record 528 mph)


Our mission is to create an exciting and valuable hands-on educational engineering project by challenging students to push the boundaries of propeller driven aircraft technology.


Our vision is to reinvigorate sport aviation and to inspire people just like yourself to follow your dreams. Tsunamis real story is not about how fast she flew or how advanced her design was, it is about the amazing people who dared to dream, the individuals who took an idea and made it into a reality, those few who worked day in and day out designing, building and rebuilding this remarkable aircraft. Few people are determined enough to see a project of this magnitude through and even fewer have the motivation to pick themselves up after being repeatedly knocked down. This story is about overcoming incredible odds, making audacious goals and never giving up. With this project we hope to honor the individuals that designed and built Tsunami, and to share their incredible story with the rest of the world.

“John Sandberg lived a life he loved and never gave up on his goals. He was, in poetic terms, what Longfellow called “a hero in the strife.” – Jack Cox Sportsman Pilot, Fall 1991